Vaginal Muscles

Men are from Mars and women from Venus, the saying goes. So, do the planetary placements affect a woman’s overall biology? Don’t take our word for the Mars and Venus thing so seriously there. There have been many misconceptions when it comes to a woman’s Mount Pleasant.

Why do vaginal muscles get loose?

Sexual activities

The first thought comes to mind is a matter of how outgoing a woman is, whether she is involved in casual sex and that virgins are considered to be tighter down there. There could be some truth in that, though.


Giving birth

Another common misconception about vaginal muscles being loose is after childbirth. And that has been scientifically true, for the next eight weeks or so as the vagina walls had to be elongated to facilitate the delivery of the child. But scientists has proven that after eight weeks, the vaginal muscles soon contracts to its normal state before delivery of the child, regardless of the woman’s age!

How do you strengthen loosen up vaginal muscles?

Along with any effects that come with old age, the vagina walls begin to thin and the muscles lose their tautness. However, this can easily be reversible with Kegel exercises and that even during old age, it will never be too late to perform the exercises.

Just like any other muscle, let’s say, your triceps to take shape after weeks of exercise. The same applies to the vaginal muscles. In order to “re-gain” the elasticity and tautness of the vaginal muscles, a woman has to perform Kegel exercises on a regular basis.

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Is the guy involved in the equation somehow?

Generally yes. Why do vaginal muscles get loose during foreplay? It’s because the girl gets aroused in the process to alleviate the tightness to pave the way for the entrance of the guy’s manhood. It makes the sexual intercourse rather more enjoyable in order to encourage reproduction.

The next question which begs is; does the guy’s manhood plays a pivotal part? In a way it does, as the women’s vagina has to make room for the entrance of the guy’s manhood! The term “too tight” means familiar to you? It could mean that the woman has not been fully aroused yet before allowing entry.


This is why it’s so imperative that the guys should take the time to properly arouse their female partners mentally and physically. This can significantly affect a female’s sexual activity.

If a woman is not stimulated properly, that is to say, if she’s too tight down there, sexual intercourse may hurt and at certain times be too unbearable for the women to take, and in return, to cause the whole excitement to fade away.

Final thoughts

The variety of myths that has blanketed the mysteries of the women precious has been made clearer to us that not only does the age, level of excitement during sexual encounters, or during childbirth that can cause a women’s vaginal muscles to get loose.